Teachers' Closet

Public and parochial teachers in Oshkosh, Omro and Winneconne WI are invited come to The Teachers’ Closet and take any supplies that they can use - for FREE!  The only prerequisite is that they only take what they can use and that they sign our sign-in sheet listing their name, school and grade – so that we can see which teachers and grades are in the greatest need of assistance. 

Teachers Welcome

HAVE A PEEK INTO OUR SPECIAL CLOSET (Open every Wednesday & Thursday that school is in session – from 3:00 until 5:30) One of the most important jobs that anyone can have is that of being a teacher.  It can also be one of the most difficult, especially in this economy.  Many parents have a difficult time providing all of the necessary school supplies for their children.  At the same time, school budgets are being cut to the bone, making it impossible for the schools to provide all of the supplies for their classrooms.  To fill this void, many wonderful teachers have been providing supplies for their classrooms and students out of their own salaries.  But as the budget cuts keep coming and the economy stays down, the teachers are feeling pressured to keep up and their own funds are getting scarce.


Knowing the problems facing teachers and students today gave Peace Lutheran Church in Oshkosh WI a chance to use outreach to benefit education in their area.  The congregation has established a “Teachers’ Closet” which has just about any supplies that a teacher or student might need to succeed in their classrooms.  These supplies are generously donated by the members of Peace Lutheran Church and other churches, especially their neighbor, First English Lutheran Church.


The Teachers' Closet is always looking for donation of supplies in the following categories:
Supplies for basic use: pencils, pens, spiral notebooks, composition books, binders, folders, report covers, pencil cases, crayons, colored pencils, paper, glue sticks and white glue, crayons, markers, compasses, and metal rulers.
Supplies for classroom use: staplers and staples, tape dispensers and tape, white board markers and erasers, Vis-à-vis pens, paper punches, post-it notes, facial tissue, hand sanitizer, first aid supplies, spray disinfectant, and paper towels and white board markers and erasers.  Children's books and magazines, used by students during their free time.  Magazines and books are also used to look up information for reports and to cut up for art projects.

Items for special projects: felt, easel flip chart paper, reams of paper and cardstock.
Percussion instruments: bongo drums, castanets, finger cymbals, xylophones, triangles, tambourines and other instruments that can be used by the teachers as "attention-getters" and also by the students.

The Teachers' Closet also collects craft items that can be used for special projects or art classes: magazines and calendars for cutting up, colored construction paper, poster-board, beads, yarn, ribbon, cardboard, shoe boxes, stickers, glitter, tissue paper, sequins, egg cartons, coffee cans, buttons and other craft and art items.